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Christine's Story


Hello, I'm Christine.

I am aged 34, being the youngest of 8 children. I grew up with all my family in a small city named Toowoomba.

Toowoomba is located in South East Queensland, Australia. Toowoomba currently has a population of approximately 100,000 people. Toowoomba is well known for the annual event of the Carnival of Flowers held each September. Toowoomba is noted because of it's colourful gardens and is known as the "Garden City" of Queensland.

I attended local primary school and high schools finishing at the completion of Year 12. In 1988 I commenced full time employment in a medical laboratory. I am still employed in the same field of work now and more importantly still enjoying it.

In 1990 I embarked on my first international trip to Thailand - meeting my sister there after she'd travelled India and Nepal. The experience in Thailand was one that I'll never forget. Meeting great people and seeing a whole new world. We had some great times and I'll cherish the memories forever.

My next international journey in 1995 was to visit Israel, Egypt, Kenya and Zimbabwe. I did further travelling in Africa in 1998, this time covering 6 countries. (I have posted some pictures in "Our Photos"). Again these trips have given me a life time of wonderful memories. Many people ask me which country I liked best, but I have difficulty answering this. Each country bought with it, it's own unique experiences and memories as each country had something different to offer.

If you ask anyone whom knows me well, they will tell you that I've been very passionate about Africa since my teenage years. It was a dream of mine to be able to visit Africa and one that was realised in 1995. You cannot truly describe the feeling one has when you are amongst nature at it's best!

In January 2002 I met Chris (Boet) whom ironically was from Zimbabwe, Africa. After a few months of meeting and getting to know each other my life finally felt complete. The missing piece in my life's jigsaw had been found. Chris and I were engaged in May 2003. A new jigsaw was about to begin.


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